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LED Lighting Cost Savings – Why the Switch Makes Sense

One of the first questions asked by those wanting to make the switch to LED is usually – are the LED lighting cost savings worth it? The monetary savings and benefits associated with installing LED lighting products both indoors and outdoors, is a subject which has been widely discussed, so we wanted to share our thoughts on the topic.

Within the lighting industry, it’s now common knowledge that LED lighting solutions increase your lighting energy efficiency by up to 80-90%. LED lighting cost savings are calculated based off the number of lights in a household, the hours these lights are in use per day and the quantity of halogen bulbs that are replaced over the span of the LED bulbs lifetime. The lifespan of some LED products is up to 50,000 hours, which can end up saving you multiple replacements if you were using traditional halogens – not to mention the time savings of having to physically replace bulbs over and over.

Naturally, individuals who are making the switch to LED lighting often want to discover more about the cost savings potential. The fact is this really depends on lighting output of the specific bulb – so will differ in every case, but the fact remains that next to traditional halogens bulbs, LED lighting technology increases your lighting energy efficiency – often by up to 90%. Many Australian households reduce their annual lighting costs by 50% after adopting LED lighting technology – a large cost benefit, as lighting consumes up to 15% of household electricity budgets nationwide according to Your Energy Savings.

At Azoogi LED Lighting, we provide stockists around Australia with a range of the highest quality LED lighting products, catering for outdoor, indoor and industrial LED lighting solutions.

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