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Three Ways LEDs can Improve Your Outdoor Lighting

Australian’s love to relax outside, so it’s no surprise that a lot of planning goes into illuminating outdoor areas with the perfect outdoor lighting design. The promise of summer nights spent outside is a key driver and outdoor lighting plays a big role in achieving the perfect outdoor space for friends and family to relax in.

A well planned outdoor lighting design should be practical and efficient, whilst still complementing the unique landscape or structure of an outdoor area – whether it be showcasing an extensive garden area, highlighting a unique multi stepped block or lighting a small outdoor deck. When installing or making modifications to your outdoor lighting plan, consider the three factors below to ensure you create an area that you’ll enjoy for years to come:

Implementing a great outdoor lighting setup will ensure your home is ideal for entertaining. Choosing LED lighting solutions for your outdoor needs ensures your space has just the right ambiance, making it comfortable for both yourself and guests to relax and enjoy being outside. LED outdoor lighting can be used to bring key areas to life – a great example is using a Garden Spike Light to perfectly complement features in your garden, light a path or create a warm backdrop to your pool.

When installing or modifying a lighting solution, the safety aspect of your lighting design is imperative. Are pathways well-lit? Are uneven surfaces suitably illuminated? Is the pool easy to see when sitting on the deck? LED outdoor lighting adds an element of safety to your space, with long-lasting lighting solutions that – when carefully placed – you can rely on.

Considering the visual appearance and safety aspects of your outdoor lighting is one thing, but it’s also important to ensure your solution is cost effective too. LED lighting sees Australians slashing their energy bill by up to 50%, and with high quality Azoogi bulbs lasting up to 50,000 hours, you’ll be sure to have a lighting experience which is low maintenance, saves you money on your electricity bill and requires minimal replacements over time.

Here at Azoogi, we focus on providing our stockists with high-quality products that are both long-lasting and money saving. Specialising in both indoor, commercial and outdoor lighting, the user-friendly LED lighting technology we provide has many benefits.

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