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How to Choose the Perfect LED Garden Lights

Garden lighting is an important aspect of every home exterior lighting design, so it goes without saying that choosing the perfect LED Garden Lights requires careful consideration. Establishing the overall purpose of the garden lighting solution should be an important consideration within your lighting design. Is the primary purpose safety related? Or efficiency? Or the visual appeal of your garden? Understanding the “why” of your garden lighting needs will allow you to plan effectively, and choose the perfect products.

Consider the following when selecting the perfect LED garden light setup:

1. Showcasing
One of the primary purposes we see LED garden lights used for, is to illuminate or showcase the garden, and rest of a home’s exterior after dark. Many backyards are created for entertaining, and LED garden lights add a flare that gets noticed. To create a more stunning effect consider the quality of your lighting, and opt for products which have an appropriate lumen flux for your specific area.

2. Safety
By utilising LED garden lights in both front and back areas, you can add to the safety of your home’s exterior. LED garden lights will help you ensure that steps, pathways and any other uneven surfaces can be properly illuminated – eliminating any safety risks that may be inherent.

3. Efficiency
Having the most efficient garden lighting solution guarantees that you’ll be replacing less bulbs over time, and therefore saving the most money possible on your LED garden lights. With lifespans up to 50,000 hours, you’re bound to save yourself on the time and effort of replacing inferior globes.

4. Ease of movement
Another often overlooked consideration is – will your LED garden lights be easy to move if needed? By utilising products such as LED Garden Spikes, you can assure that your lighting solution in your garden is transportable and versatile – allowing it to be adapted as you need it to be. This ranges from making small angle changes, to larger placement changes – such as your planting strategy evolves; meaning your LED garden lights can be as flexible as you need them to be.

Selecting the best LED garden lights to suit your garden, whether it be domestic, industrial or commercial requires some thought. If you need help selecting the perfect LED garden lights, or would like to stock Azoogi products, then contact us today, and discover more about our high-quality products.

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