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Less Energy

LED Bulbs are up to 90% energy saving compared to incandescent bulbs.


Housing technology that cools off the bulb, so you can safely touch it.

Life Span

The LED Bulbs live up to ten times longer than incandescent light bulbs.


LED Bulbs are the most eco-friendly product on the market.

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LED Lighting Specialists

We focus on industry leading LED lighting technology for home, industrial and commercial applications. All products supplied by Azoogi come with a standard three year warranty and all comply with Australian electrical regulations. We’re here to help you, for any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Frequently Asked Questions

Azoogi LED Lighting is a Sydney based company, a leader in the market of LED Lighting, supplier of over 500 lighting shops around Australia. We are part of the Lighting Council and a pioneer in the lighting industry. We have a sound knowledge of the ever growing and evolving lighting industry and have valued customers that we continue to serve.

All of Azoogi LED Lighting products are complying with the highest Australian standards. Including SAA, C-TIC (according to the relevancy of the products) and have between 3-5 years warranty.

In order to become an Azoogi Stockist, download our catalogue from our site azoogi.com.au and on the ‘Contact Us’ fill out your name, last name, phone number, address of your shop, products you are  interested in. We will send you our marketing materials, high quality images, product samples and more.

Yes, all our LED Strips are dimmable as long as you use a dimmable driver and a compatible dimmer.

No, we strongly recommend you not to install the lights by yourself. All lights must be installed by a certified electrician.

It varies depending on your current usage, but there is research to support that LED lighting can save you around 40% of your electricity bill.

You can buy our globes in any of our stockists that you can find on our ‘Stockist’ page on our website azoogi.com.au. If there is no stockist near you, feel free to contact us on 02 9695 7882.

Version 1 can dim down to 0 and has a higher CRI of 90. Version 2 can dim and has a lower CRI.

Yes, its fire rated fitting- IC “Abutted and Covered”

Yes,  we specialise in LED retrofits that you can replace by taking out the Halogen and replacing it with the LED. They fit identically.

Yes, we have a technical support team that is specialised in LED Lighting and can provide you with answers to your questions.

Yes we give a free lighting quote on site. Call 02 9695 7882 and make a free consultation now.

Yes we give a free quote on site. Call 02 9695 7882 and make a free consultation now.

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