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Top 10 Reasons to Switch to LED

LED lighting is a technological breakthrough which has transformed the way we light our homes, our streets, our cities and our world.

From homeowners to architects and everyone in between, LED Lighting is the undisputed darling of the lighting industry and for good reason. Well, for 10 great reasons that we have outlined for you below.

Energy efficient

A major point of popularity with LED Lighting is the very low rates at which they consume energy. LED lights use only a fraction of the energy that incandescent light bulbs use making them far more efficient than traditional lighting.

Long Lifespan

Because LED lights use less energy, they last much longer than any other major lighting solution before them. LED lights are estimated to last up to 10 years which means fewer trips up the ladder for you or fewer calls to your electrician. 

Quick start up

Did you get used to that slow fade in of light after you hit the switch? This might be a hard truth – but it isn’t supposed to be that way. With LED Lights, you get instant illumination at the flick of the switch which makes quick trips to the pantry, the bathroom or the laundry exactly what they’re supposed to be a quick trip!

Custom Colours

LED Lighting offers an easy and affordable way to light your space, in colours that suit the mood of your space.

Soft blues are often used in function room or swimming pool outdoor areas. Whites tend to be used in office spaces and retail stores. Yellow lighting can soften a living room and pink LED lights can add that something special to your space if that is what you love.

With more colour options readily available, you really are able to custom colour design your spaces.

Flexibility and Choice

Gone are the days where you have to have the exact fitting for the exact light bulb in the exact spot that it will need to remain forever.

With lighting strips, tubes, bulbs and so many more options available, you are spoilt for choice and have unprecedented flexibility around your lighting design.


Indoor / Outdoor Versatility

LED Lighting can provide value in both inside and outside.

Outdoor LED lighting gives you the powerful light source you need for entertaining at home or for commercial outdoor areas.

Indoor LED lighting gives you a soft but powerful light source. You can light your home or office space, striking the perfect balance between bright and hospitable lighting.

Environmentally Friendly

As described – LED Lighting is an efficient, resourceful lighting solution for your home.

LED lighting is a solution which has been designed to use less energy and to last longer than traditional light bulbs so you’re replacing them less frequently.

This helps create a huge saving for the environment as we end up consuming less overall.

Superior Quality

The technology used in LED Lighting is more robust, versatile and wearable than the traditional light bulbs. We offer a 3-year warranty on our product because we know it just is that good.

We all want the best in our homes and LED Lighting offers the best to the lighting industry in it’s quality and it’s ability to last.

Smart Savings

Once you’ve switched over to LED, you don’t just benefit from the improved light and faster switch on times – you can also make significant savings in your overall household costs.

You are using less energy which means your monthly bills go down, you can finally sell the ladder you’ll never use any more and you’ll be replacing your light bulbs less frequently.

Change Made Easy

So you’re convinced of the benefits of LED and you can’t wait to reap the rewards but you’re worried about the effort it will take to really convert yourself to LED lighting? The good news is that it’s never been easier to change over your lights.

LED Lights offer a seamless transition from your current incandescent bulbs to LED because they’ve been manufactured to fit all the existing light models. It really is that easy.

Did we miss something? If you know any fun or quirky benefits about LED Lighting that we’ve missed, we’d love to hear from you in the comments section below.

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