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Can LED Lights Be Dimmed?

LED lighting has made significant strides since it was first introduced into our homes. As consumers, we’ve loved how effective LED has been in reducing electricity bills and saving money in the long term with fewer light bulb replacements.

Illuminating with LED lights has transformed outdoor and indoor spaces but it required time and innovation before LEDs were able to advance and adapt to meet a range of aesthetic solutions.

We have a range of dimmable LED lights that provide an elegant and simple solution for lighting in your home.

If you already have LED lights fitted in your home, you can still retrofit dimmables and get the custom lighting look.

Did you know that, unlike incandescent lights which measure energy in watts, LED lights use a measurement called lumens?

Dimmer switches are designed to reduce the power delivered to your light bulb which translates to a colour or intensity change in your lights. Common LED colours are “warm white”, “soft white” or “bright white”.

Our range of LED filament bulbs come in different shapes, sizes and are all dimmable down to 5%. That puts you back in the driver’s seat for a full range of light temperature at home.

Look for the dimmable sign Azoogi LED dimmable lightson our products to see if your lamps, appliances or common areas can be lit to your liking.
So if you’re ready to flip the switch and get dimmables, contact us today or get in touch with one of our fantastic suppliers!

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