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We supply the latest in LED lighting technology, designed to light up your indoor, outdoor, industrial and commercial spaces

We’re an Australian Leading LED Lighting Supplier

We are three partners, with a vision for lighting up the world we live in. An Australian owned and Sydney based LED lighting company, we provide comprehensive lighting solutions to homeowners, architects, electricians, lighting stores and more.

We believe that the right lighting can bring out the best elements of your environment. Whether it is a hotel, professional environment, a home or sanctuary, your lighting sets the tone, mood and intention for that space.

Striving to be the best in everything that we do, we are a hands-on team who are passionate experts in modern lighting. We value our reputation as an industry leader in sharing benchmark LED lighting technology solutions and will never take you, our valued customers for granted.

Amazing quality products provided with great service is our recipe for the best success.


We sell a range of indoor and outdoor lighting products and accessories with a huge range of fittings, sizes and purpose-designed features.

Our products feature a 3-year warranty and dimming technology is available on selected products.

Designed to seamlessly integrate with your existing fitting will also make the transition to LED a simple and cost-friendly option.

Constantly developing, evolving and advancing, LED lighting technology provides a longer lasting, environmentally conscious, cost-effective solution to you.


LED light bulbs use up to 90% less energy than their predecessor, the incandescent light bulbs, making them inherently more efficient.

Because of this efficiency, LED lights will lass significantly longer than what you have gotten used to – imagine not having to change your lights again for another ten years!


This is the part where we really get to love our product –

The LED light bulbs are the most eco-friendly product in the lighting market, with low mercury output, zero UV emissions and minimal infrared light.

The LED bulbs run on electricity, not gas – which means you are reducing your C02 emissions and lowering your carbon footprint by one third!

Save Money

Energy costs are creeping up each year but the lifespan and efficiency of LED lighting technology helps you flip the switch on this issues.

Lasting ten times as long as your existing light bulbs, this is a financially viable solution for any business or household – a bonus that they’re so attractive too.


More than the amazing quality of our product, it is the caliber of our service which we believe makes us a household name.

Our commitment to you is to provide advice, guidance and consistently reliable customer service. After all, we don’t want you to flip the switch on us!

We always keep up to date with the newest innovations and news in lighting technologies, so that we can always deliver the latest, the greatest and the best in the industry, to you.


Enough about us!

We prefer to let our product do the talking so have a browse of our catalogue,

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You can also send us an e-mail or call us on (02) 9596 7882 today.


Home of Lights
Home of Lights

Azoogi have been a consistently top seller in our store since we first brought in their products. Our customers love the nice looking globes and fair price point, which is why they are our first choice recommendation.

The team at Azoogi make every effort to take on feedback and always come up with a solution should stock run out. They are a pleasure to work with and so are their products.


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